The crypt door creeks open and out walks THE HORROR GUY! 
It's 2016 and Halloween has come once again. This year I have loads in store for you all including horror movie news, scary Halloween movie reviews, fall beer reviews, a look at horror on television, haunted vintage music and commercials. The bloody list goes on and on. Happy Halloween listeners! 

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This month have horror film writer and director Steven Shea on the show to talk a bit about his book Film FestEVIL which is available now at Abyssmal.com. We also discuss The Lost Boys headed to The CW, Halloween Horror Night's newly revealed haunted houses and much more! You may even encounter some Stranger Things. 

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I am very honored to have Jess-O-Lantern on this months show! Jessi is a musician in New York City where she dawns ghoulish and ghastly make up and belts out some of the most beautifully haunting tunes that I've ever heard. Her stage is lit with pumpkins and she handcrafts spooky tricks and treats from time to time at her shows. We discuss her career in haunted music, what's on the burning horizon, and as always we have your horror news, music and Bluray's to giveaway!     

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This month I'm sharing tidbits on the new Puppet Master film, Shane Black's Predator and Zombieland 2??? I also take a look inside what's streaming your way horror-wise on Netflix and what you can expect on Blu-Ray this month. There is even a special "HALLOWEEN SURPRISE INSIDE!" Come on in, won't you?

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April is a surprisingly loaded month for throw back horror and new horror alike. From Alien Day (LV425) to Hulu releasing Maximum Overdrive and It Follows! There is something for every CREEPTASTIC fan! NEW horror tunes, giveaways, reviews, news and THE STUFF. Only six more months! 

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"Black Phillip! Black Phillip!"
With all the controversy surrounding the Oscars this year, I am amazed he didn't make the 2016 Academy Awards this year. 
THE VVITCH hit theaters last month and it is everything I wanted it to be....The Boy on the other hand is a different story. I also take a look at what horror is arriving on Netflix and Hulu in March and debunk those nasty Halloween headed to television rumors. All this, plus spooky tunes, gory game reviews and more!

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It is 2016! Time to take a look back and count down the best horror films of 2015. I also say goodbye to one of horrors most iconic villains, Angus Scrimm as The Tall Man. All this plus reviews for a slew of horror coming to bluray including Deathgasm, The Green Inferno and more! Oh and keep a severed ear out for what's to come horror wise in 2016.

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