"On Halloween night, a sophisticated hitman with a cynical view on modern society finds his work made more difficult when he has to transport a body, but everyone is enamored by what they think is his killer costume."

Director Paul Davis and myself sit down for Every Day is Halloween's first film commentary! To listen along with the film, download the Hulu app and make sure to hit play when you hear the bell chime! The commentary is full of hidden references and fun behind the scene notes on Into the Dark's first entry. This is one Halloween party you do not want to miss.  

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Happy Halloween! 

Michael Myers is headed back to Haddonfield tonight and horror fans everywhere are on the edge of their seats. I discuss my thoughts on the new Halloween film with a special HALLOWEEN (2018) SPOILER CAST! If you haven't seen the new film, be sure to listen to this episode after your viewing. 

I also run down my favorite moments from this October season including Halloween Horror Nights, Spooky Empire, streaming horror films and more! Hope you enjoy this special bonus Halloween episode!  

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The store shelves are starting to fill up with Halloween merchandise. You all should have known I was not too far behind. This month I am joined by Halloween Horror Nights 2017 scareactor of the year; Kellie Martin. We chat about the haunted event and take a look at what's to come this Halloween season!  

New Child’s Play
3 From Hell
Castle Rock
The Nun
…and MORE!

Friday the 13th Camping - crystallaketours.com
Halloween Horror Nights - halloweenhorrornights.com
Six Flags Hell Fest - sixflags.com

Shop: etsy.com/shop/HallowsEve365

Wolfskin Killer - Zombeast
The Haunted House of Rock - Whoodini
Mad Monster Party - Ethel Ennis

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Rob Zombie is now filming the third installment of the Firefly Family legacy. What can we expect from this and how will it all go down? Tobe Hooper snubbed at the Oscars; honoring the creator of The Texas Chainsaw Massacres legacy. What's next for 'Get Out' director Jordan Peele? Top horror films to watch on Netflix, horror movie & television reviews and so much more! Let's get scared together!  

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