Each year in October home owners all over the US are turning their front yards, garages and even the inside of their homes into some of the most epic home haunts. A few even put the theme parks to shame! That is why I asked documentarian Josh Quillin to come on the show and discuss the documentary he and his wife put together all about home haunting on the west coast. In this interview we discuss the pride that these haunters have for the love of the scare, looking at producing something of this size from a technical side and just plain geek out over the perfect haunted house.

You can watch Epic Home Haunts here:

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April is a surprisingly loaded month for throw back horror and new horror alike. From Alien Day (LV425) to Hulu releasing Maximum Overdrive and It Follows! There is something for every CREEPTASTIC fan! NEW horror tunes, giveaways, reviews, news and THE STUFF. Only six more months! 

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It is 2016! Time to take a look back and count down the best horror films of 2015. I also say goodbye to one of horrors most iconic villains, Angus Scrimm as The Tall Man. All this plus reviews for a slew of horror coming to bluray including Deathgasm, The Green Inferno and more! Oh and keep a severed ear out for what's to come horror wise in 2016.

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It's Christmas time and Krampus has come to party! Consider this months show a Haunted Christmas Radio Special! I also talk a bit about the next Gremlins sequel, A Christmas Horror Story and giveaway copies of The Visit, Sinister 2 and The Green Inferno! Happy Haunting's Ghoulies!

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New Alien films?! New Ghostbusters films!? Man do I have one doozy of a show for you all! The guest this week is Emily_StarkofWinterfell. She's heading up horror games here on The Every Day is Halloween Podcast, so I find out what makes her scary clock tick. I also take a look at the best horror streaming on netflix this month, along with killer music, frightening reviews, bluray giveaways and more!

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Every Day is Halloween EP:05

The Halloween Special is here! 

This episode is chock FULL of Halloween goodies for your pillow sack. Reviews for Clive Barker's cut of Nightbreed, The Houses October Built, and Found. I also take a look inside Double Fine and Tim Schafer's new Halloween game Costume Quest 2! There is even a treat for you Haunted Mansion fans! All this plus incredible original music by Halloween at High Noon and another giveaway! Happy Halloween everyone! 

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It's the best month of the year and I'm bringing back the goodies! This episode is like stepping into your television on October 31st!

I take a look at the WNUF Halloween Special, Godzilla on bluray and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 40th Anniversary bluray. I also let you know what to look for this October on Netflix Instant along with all the horror releases this October.

I was also able to check out Halloween Horror Nights 24 this year and run down the houses and streets for you guys. 

All this, plus all your favorite Halloween specials, songs and commercials! Unpleasant dreeeeams.

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Every Day is Halloween EP:03

It's September and all the haunted houses around the world are getting their final bloody touches, monsters are being invited to slay for pay and we couldn't be more excited!

On this months show I have Clint Gamache on from ThrillGeek.com. Clint fills me in on some the best haunts around America including everything frightening from Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, to Ceder Point's HalloWeekend's, to the Not so Scary Halloween party at Walt Disney World!

I also announce the winners of last months contest and throw in some pumpkin beer reviews. Because honestly, who doesn't like pumpkin beer?!  

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It's August and Halloween is quickly on our heels. But Comic-Con International is now! Legendary Pictures announces more monsters, Ash is back to fight more deadites, Scream Factory has a slew of new releases; the list just goes on and on.

My guest this month is Kenny Caperton. Kenny owns a replica home based off Michael Myers humble abode from John Carpenter's classic Halloween. I catch up with Kenny and ask him what it's like to live in the iconic horror home as well as see how his new film Honey Spider is doing.

I also take a look at Scream Facory's re-release of Motel Hell and make sure to listen carefully to see how you can win a creepy item signed by William Shatner himself!

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Welcome foolish mortals! I feel privileged and honored in welcoming you all to the VERY FIRST episode of "Everyday is Halloween!" A monthly podcast that gets you into the Halloween spirit all year long. Horror film reviews, clips from your favorite specials, spooky vintage music, new frightening mixes, pumpkin beer reviews, scary and kooky video game reviews and more! Everything that'll make you feel as if it is October 31st again and again! 

Be sure to haunt me on Facebook and Twitter

Have questions for me? want to request a review or hear a certain monster on the show? Email me at HallowsEve365@gmail.com 



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