It's here! It's here! It's finally here!

Yes, I am back with more horror shrieks and shrills for your Halloweek! With horror news including information on Hocus Pocus 2 moving forward, what is going on with Trick r' Treat 2, Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 date push, Ghost Whoppers, NEW Sam Raimi horror film and lots more info.

I'm also packing this episode with spooktacular music, vintage Halloween commercials and artist shout outs!

Plus all the horror film, tv and pumpkin beer reviews you can handle (seriously, I reviewed them all). HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


Etsy Art


@Leximariemua - Creepshow
@Sapplesauce666 - Forced to Witness
@Jenxnoir - Wendy Torrance
@Justinonealert - The Bride
@Naryakal - Vintage Terror
@Stefankoidl - Unknown Horror

Pumpkin Beers:
The Great'er Pumpkin (Heavy Seas Beer)
Head of the Horsemen Imperial Pumpkin (D9 Brewing)
Isle of MaGourdo (Due South Brewing Co.)
Punkin Ale (Dogfish Head)

Music Credits:
13 Jack o' Lanterns - Murderland
Werewolf - The Frantics
Trap Samurai 
Halloween at High Noon

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It's summer time and the King of the Monsters along with Ma are scaring up the box office with Chucky soon to join them. To celebrate, I have musician and make-up artist Devin Sola on the show this week. We chat about what he's been up to since Motionless in White and how he's creating some of the most killer horror make-up tutorials and gaming streams currently on Youtube. Plus lots of HALLOWEEN talk!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv7AvCP0mUrP4lMChL03fWA


The Every Day is Halloween Podcast
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Yes, I'm back and I'm bringing you lots of treats this episode! 
Horror news including a Child's Play film and television update, Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 announcement, the Universal Monsters are coming to Halloween Horror Nights, unearthed Halloween 5 footage and that's just the candy on top. There is also horror tv and film reviews, music from Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and an interview with a REAL WITCH from Salem, Massachusetts; Borah!  

An exclusive just for my listeners! If you buy a small batch of Borah's HyperBrew Whole Coffee from Borahporium on Etsy and say "The Every Day is Halloween Podcast is my favorite Halloween podcast!" you'll receive 10% off. It's sourced from raw coffee beans from Columbia. Also may be haunted...

Also make sure to listen for your chance on how to win a copy of Halloween at High Noon's Decayed album!

-Shout outs from Episode 33-
Halloween at High Noon: Halloweenathighnoon.bandcamp.com
Dark Candles: Darkcandles.com
Luna Moon Gothic: Etsy.com/shop/Lunamoongothic
BORAHporium: Etsy.com/shop/Borahporium
Ghost Girls Greetings: Etsy.com/shop/Ghostgirlsgreetings
Haunt Scene: Hauntscene.com
DOA CO: Doaco.storenvy.com 
The Last Drive-In: Shudder.com
Cocktails & Screams (FB & Instagram)

Happy Half way to Halloween listeners! 

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"On Halloween night, a sophisticated hitman with a cynical view on modern society finds his work made more difficult when he has to transport a body, but everyone is enamored by what they think is his killer costume."

Director Paul Davis and myself sit down for Every Day is Halloween's first film commentary! To listen along with the film, download the Hulu app and make sure to hit play when you hear the bell chime! The commentary is full of hidden references and fun behind the scene notes on Into the Dark's first entry. This is one Halloween party you do not want to miss.  

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Happy Halloween! 

Michael Myers is headed back to Haddonfield tonight and horror fans everywhere are on the edge of their seats. I discuss my thoughts on the new Halloween film with a special HALLOWEEN (2018) SPOILER CAST! If you haven't seen the new film, be sure to listen to this episode after your viewing. 

I also run down my favorite moments from this October season including Halloween Horror Nights, Spooky Empire, streaming horror films and more! Hope you enjoy this special bonus Halloween episode!  

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The store shelves are starting to fill up with Halloween merchandise. You all should have known I was not too far behind. This month I am joined by Halloween Horror Nights 2017 scareactor of the year; Kellie Martin. We chat about the haunted event and take a look at what's to come this Halloween season!  

New Child’s Play
3 From Hell
Castle Rock
The Nun
…and MORE!

Friday the 13th Camping - crystallaketours.com
Halloween Horror Nights - halloweenhorrornights.com
Six Flags Hell Fest - sixflags.com

Shop: etsy.com/shop/HallowsEve365

Wolfskin Killer - Zombeast
The Haunted House of Rock - Whoodini
Mad Monster Party - Ethel Ennis

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Rob Zombie is now filming the third installment of the Firefly Family legacy. What can we expect from this and how will it all go down? Tobe Hooper snubbed at the Oscars; honoring the creator of The Texas Chainsaw Massacres legacy. What's next for 'Get Out' director Jordan Peele? Top horror films to watch on Netflix, horror movie & television reviews and so much more! Let's get scared together!  

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It's the holidays! What better way to spend the season then with Krampus composer Douglas Pipes! Douglas shares some of his horror score inspirations and fills us in on what he has been up to, along with what is next for the legendary film composer. Also joining us this month is Mac Beauvais, co-writer/creator for the Werewolf mini series Typecast! Did you make your season too bright? Come hide in the darkness with us this Christmas. 

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It's almost time for monsters & spirits to run amok (amok-amok-amok) around the land of the living! Why not prepare yourself with some horror radio! This month we discuss a little horror film that hit theaters called IT. I also take a look at all the horror television series coming back this October, review Halloween Horror Nights 27 in Orlando Florida and tons of other treats for your goodie bag. But the main star this month is Waxwork Records Co-owner Kevin Bergeron! He's he to share a bit about the companies new venture into comics. We also talk vinyl and discuss some future exclusives that could be on the way. Trick or treat!

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This month we're looking into the Halloween Special crystal ball! I'm talking about shows that are green lit for this October and the ones that never even made it off the ground. Plus Gutter Magic creator Richard Douek is on talking about the continuation of his series and how you can help. I call out the term "post Horror" that has been getting thrown about and top spooks streaming right to your television this month! 

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We are half way to Halloween and May is the perfect month to drop some major releases on you all! Twin Peaks is coming back to television and I could not be more excited, Friday the 13th: The Game will soon take up all my free time, reviews of Get Out and RAW, great horror comic artist discussion and all the horror surfer rock n' roll you can shake a half eaten; bloody surfboard at! 

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The best Halloween show on the net is back for a new year of terror! This month I'm taking a look back at Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's GRINDHOUSE! I also have news on Michael Dougherty's involvement with the new Godzilla film, a look at CBS's new Twilight Zone bluray set, Phantasm bluray giveaways and more!

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The crypt door creeks open and out walks THE HORROR GUY! 
It's 2016 and Halloween has come once again. This year I have loads in store for you all including horror movie news, scary Halloween movie reviews, fall beer reviews, a look at horror on television, haunted vintage music and commercials. The bloody list goes on and on. Happy Halloween listeners! 

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This month have horror film writer and director Steven Shea on the show to talk a bit about his book Film FestEVIL which is available now at Abyssmal.com. We also discuss The Lost Boys headed to The CW, Halloween Horror Night's newly revealed haunted houses and much more! You may even encounter some Stranger Things. 

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I am very honored to have Jess-O-Lantern on this months show! Jessi is a musician in New York City where she dawns ghoulish and ghastly make up and belts out some of the most beautifully haunting tunes that I've ever heard. Her stage is lit with pumpkins and she handcrafts spooky tricks and treats from time to time at her shows. We discuss her career in haunted music, what's on the burning horizon, and as always we have your horror news, music and Bluray's to giveaway!     

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This month I'm sharing tidbits on the new Puppet Master film, Shane Black's Predator and Zombieland 2??? I also take a look inside what's streaming your way horror-wise on Netflix and what you can expect on Blu-Ray this month. There is even a special "HALLOWEEN SURPRISE INSIDE!" Come on in, won't you?

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"Black Phillip! Black Phillip!"
With all the controversy surrounding the Oscars this year, I am amazed he didn't make the 2016 Academy Awards this year. 
THE VVITCH hit theaters last month and it is everything I wanted it to be....The Boy on the other hand is a different story. I also take a look at what horror is arriving on Netflix and Hulu in March and debunk those nasty Halloween headed to television rumors. All this, plus spooky tunes, gory game reviews and more!

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Hope you all are ready for Halloween sensory overload! I got coverage out the great pumpkins ass this month!

I take a look at the first two episodes of the STARZ original series Ash VS Evil Dead, including some great Scream Factory titles like Army of Darkness, the Tales From the Crypt films, Gravy, The Editor and more! I also answer some sought out concerns about local horror conventions. Is it really worth it to meet your slasher idol? I also announce the winners of last months giveaway, spooky vinyl reviews and what's this? A FRIDAY THE 13TH GAME!?

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Our month is here! October has finally arrived and this show is your perfect companion for your Halloween season!
This month I take a look at everything headed to television Halloween & horror related and run it all down for you, from AMC's Fear Fest, SyFy's 31 Days of Halloween to Monstober, ABC Families 13 Nights of Halloween, TCM's Monster films and more! I am also honored to have Florida Film Festival coordinator Tim Anderson on the show to tell us about all the great films he experienced at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). I also have some giveaways this episode including music from Halloween at High Noon, Griddy and Wednesday 13! Happy haunting everyone!   

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You know we're nearing the Halloween season when Kenny Caperton jumps on the show! 

Kenny talks about producing and writing his new feature Honeyspider (which releases this October)! We also discuss his involvement over the years with Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon Zombie, what it's like living in the Michael Myers home, HALLOWEEN RETURNS news and we take a look back at the late-great horror legend Wes Craven.


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"This month Emily and I check out what's new in horror! A Nightmare on Elm Street re-remake? James Wan may take on Mortal Kombat? Bill Murray back in a ghost busting flight suit!? Plus we review a slew of independent horror, along with the new SCREAM series. There is also an in depth look at everyone's favorite undead series FEAR The Walking Dead. We're two month out from October folks! Get spooked and up to date!"

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July's Comic-Con episode is brimming with monstrous goodies! I have news about every spooky comic, television series and feature film including (and not limited to) Ash vs Evil Dead, Ghostbusters, Fear The Walking Dead, Tales of Halloween, Krampus, Sinister 2, The Green Inferno and more! Only three months away until Halloween. Don't get caught uninformed. 

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Every Day is Halloween EP:10

This is an episode I have been wanting to do for quite some time. Tim Anderson and I sit down and discuss where physical media is headed. With things like Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services, it feels like there is no more room for blurays, DVD's and all other types of physical media these days. But don't fret just yet my haunted collector! This episode might just open your eyes!

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This month I ramble about the lack of horror news around this time of year. So I am all over the place with topics! X-Files, Mortal Kombat X, Mad Max, Ash Vs Evil Dead, Silent Hills, Twin Peaks, Constantine, The Babadook, hell...I even bring up the darker side of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! All this plus some grand ol' 20's & 30's Halloween tunes to get you through your non October work day. 

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Happy New Year monster fans! On this episode I have on some familiar voices from the crypt. NEWS FROM THE CRYPT to be exact! Yes, my old co-hosts and good friends Tim Anderson, Lauren Taylor and David Harley are back to resurrect Bloody-Disgusting Radio for one more show. We discuss all the major horror films that released in 2014. Unpleasant dreams! 

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Krampus to you all! On this special Christmas episode I list off my favorite holiday horror films, take a look at what's hitting Netflix Instant this December and as always, keeping you up to date on all this horror during the "happiest" time of the year! I also take a look at Dead Snow 2: Red Vs Dead and The Babadook! All this plus another giveaway! Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! 

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