It's Christmas time and Krampus has come to party! Consider this months show a Haunted Christmas Radio Special! I also talk a bit about the next Gremlins sequel, A Christmas Horror Story and giveaway copies of The Visit, Sinister 2 and The Green Inferno! Happy Haunting's Ghoulies!

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Hope you all are ready for Halloween sensory overload! I got coverage out the great pumpkins ass this month!

I take a look at the first two episodes of the STARZ original series Ash VS Evil Dead, including some great Scream Factory titles like Army of Darkness, the Tales From the Crypt films, Gravy, The Editor and more! I also answer some sought out concerns about local horror conventions. Is it really worth it to meet your slasher idol? I also announce the winners of last months giveaway, spooky vinyl reviews and what's this? A FRIDAY THE 13TH GAME!?

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Our month is here! October has finally arrived and this show is your perfect companion for your Halloween season!
This month I take a look at everything headed to television Halloween & horror related and run it all down for you, from AMC's Fear Fest, SyFy's 31 Days of Halloween to Monstober, ABC Families 13 Nights of Halloween, TCM's Monster films and more! I am also honored to have Florida Film Festival coordinator Tim Anderson on the show to tell us about all the great films he experienced at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). I also have some giveaways this episode including music from Halloween at High Noon, Griddy and Wednesday 13! Happy haunting everyone!   

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You know we're nearing the Halloween season when Kenny Caperton jumps on the show! 

Kenny talks about producing and writing his new feature Honeyspider (which releases this October)! We also discuss his involvement over the years with Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon Zombie, what it's like living in the Michael Myers home, HALLOWEEN RETURNS news and we take a look back at the late-great horror legend Wes Craven.


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"This month Emily and I check out what's new in horror! A Nightmare on Elm Street re-remake? James Wan may take on Mortal Kombat? Bill Murray back in a ghost busting flight suit!? Plus we review a slew of independent horror, along with the new SCREAM series. There is also an in depth look at everyone's favorite undead series FEAR The Walking Dead. We're two month out from October folks! Get spooked and up to date!"

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July's Comic-Con episode is brimming with monstrous goodies! I have news about every spooky comic, television series and feature film including (and not limited to) Ash vs Evil Dead, Ghostbusters, Fear The Walking Dead, Tales of Halloween, Krampus, Sinister 2, The Green Inferno and more! Only three months away until Halloween. Don't get caught uninformed. 

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Every Day is Halloween EP:10

This is an episode I have been wanting to do for quite some time. Tim Anderson and I sit down and discuss where physical media is headed. With things like Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services, it feels like there is no more room for blurays, DVD's and all other types of physical media these days. But don't fret just yet my haunted collector! This episode might just open your eyes!

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This month I ramble about the lack of horror news around this time of year. So I am all over the place with topics! X-Files, Mortal Kombat X, Mad Max, Ash Vs Evil Dead, Silent Hills, Twin Peaks, Constantine, The Babadook, hell...I even bring up the darker side of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! All this plus some grand ol' 20's & 30's Halloween tunes to get you through your non October work day. 

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New Alien films?! New Ghostbusters films!? Man do I have one doozy of a show for you all! The guest this week is Emily_StarkofWinterfell. She's heading up horror games here on The Every Day is Halloween Podcast, so I find out what makes her scary clock tick. I also take a look at the best horror streaming on netflix this month, along with killer music, frightening reviews, bluray giveaways and more!

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Happy New Year monster fans! On this episode I have on some familiar voices from the crypt. NEWS FROM THE CRYPT to be exact! Yes, my old co-hosts and good friends Tim Anderson, Lauren Taylor and David Harley are back to resurrect Bloody-Disgusting Radio for one more show. We discuss all the major horror films that released in 2014. Unpleasant dreams! 

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